Course work

Throughout the years, I have followed many courses at TU/e. For some of those courses, I have published parts of my work on my website. The published content typically includes notes taken during lectures, but it may also include some more detailed content. Project work is not included, however, to avoid possible complicity in fraud.

I have made work available for the following courses:

Course code & nameAvailable content
3BMX0 – Elements of Mathematical PhysicsNotes, solutions to exercises
3BTX0 – Thermal PhysicsNotes, solutions to exercises
3CQX0 – Applied Quantum PhysicsNotes, solutions to exercises (note: may be incorrect), cheat sheet
2MMC10 – CryptologyNotes, Jupyter notebooks
2IMS25 – Principles of Data ProtectionNotes
2DMI10 – Applied CryptographyNotes, summaries, cheat sheet
2DMI20 – Software SecurityNotes, example solutions to practical tasks, summary
2IMS20 – Cyberattacks, Crime and DefensesNotes, summary
2IMS30 – Advanced Network SecurityNotes, summary
2IMS15 – Verification of Security Protocols (work in progress)Notes, solutions to exercises
2IMA10 – Advanced AlgorithmsNotes, solutions to exercises
2IMN10 – Architecture of Distributed SystemsNotes, summary